Sunday, March 29, 2009

More D & F

Back in November, I blogged about the upcoming Centennial of the Daniels and Fisher Tower. You can link back to that blog here. While doing other research however on another project, I came across this fun advertisement from the December 10th, 1910 edition of Denver Municipal Facts. The caption for the above advertisement reads, "The New Store and Tower of the Daniels and Fisher Stores Company at Sixteenth and Arapahoe Streets as It Will Appear When Completed." I especially like the drawing of so many transportation choices in 1910: walking, bicycle, horse, horse and carriage, street car....and that new thing called an automobile.

Hopefully you'll be able to read the type script when you click on the picture. I couldn't get it any larger without sacrificing some of the image itself.


Scott Bennett said...

Was it really the third tallest building in the country when built? I had no idea. So glad we didn't lose the tower when they took down the rest of the D&F building.

Shawn Snow said...

Indeed, for a time, it was the third tallest. It was quickly superseded however by the Smith Tower in Seattle.